Client Roster


LEXIUM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT AGENCY Music Department represents artists all over the world, specializing in a variety of musical genres such as: Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock, Rap, DJ/Electronic Dance, etc.


LEXIUM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT AGENCY Comedy Department works with only professional, high-quality comedians who are extremely hilarious, provocative, and entertaining.


LEXIUM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT AGENCY is committed to developing the careers of up-and-coming literary talent as well as our most respected, award-winning authors in both fiction and nonfiction. We have a proven track record servicing all aspects of a client’s literary career, providing hands-on editorial guidance and working closely with publishers to ensure that writers gain a competitive edge in today’s publishing marketplace. At LEXIUM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT AGENCY, we believe that publishing is key and our agents work with clients who are active in multiple media platforms-television, film, the internet, and retail business-to develop book properties that will build and enhance a client’s brand.


LEXIUM ENTERTAINMENT & TALENT AGENCY has a distinguished roster of keynote speakers and lecturers that we both work with and represent. Moreover, our knowledgeable and experienced agents to provide buyers expert service every step of the way.